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There are millions of girls from the African continent with greatest aptitude. These gifted girls often face a range of social pressures in schools, causing them to shift priorities. The desire for friends, a disinclination to stand out, fear of ridicule, along with the need for acceptance, often impel gifted girls to make their abilities appear ordinary or even nonexistent. Gifted girls are compelled by the circumstances to mask their abilities in order to try to fit in socially with their same-age peers.

Since most people in Africa are deeply rooted in old and traditional myths of education, most schools on the African continent lack the necessary resources to appropriately provide for the needs of children with high potential and ability in various domains (intellectual, academic, creative, leadership, etc.).

It is against this background that the EPF Educational Empowerment Initiative seeks to establish the first school on the African continent for gifted girls between the ages of 12-17 to fill the gap by offering education and resources to better serve gifted students from the continent.


The proposed West African Gifted Girls Academy(WAGGA) is been initiated in response to a huge gap on the African continent in addressing the needs of gifted and intelligent girls from the sub region with IQ of 145+ whose unique intellectual, social and emotional needs are not addressed in regular gifted programs as there are no such schools for girls currently existing in Africa. WAGGA is been promoted as the first ever gifted school for girls on the African continent that will offer a qualitatively differential education for profoundly gifted girls in Africa to grow and develop to their maximum potential.

With the establishment of the West African Girls Gifted Academy, we will provide a professional and supportive faculty sensitive to the instructional and emotional needs of gifted and talented girls who can provide an emotionally safe haven where both strengths and weaknesses are understood and respected to help them unleash a potent ability, strong enough to help them matriculate into top colleges, pursue challenging career paths, and take on leadership roles.

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